David Morgan
3rd Year Civil Engineering Student
University of New South Wales

"The Real Skills Education workshop for Resume and interview skills was very beneficial, and was very personalized. The people running the program are very knowledgeable in this field and were able to provide us with one on one resume help, examples of good resumes, and valuable interview experience and tips." 

Duyen Nguyen
4th Year Media and Com. Student
University of New South Wales

"If this program was taught while i was in high school, I strongly believe that I would have obtained a part time job or an internship earlier. Like many high school students, I had no viable work experience and found interviews to be nerve-wracking. A experience is a key commodity in the job search, it was difficult to basically compete with nothing. This program would have equipped me with skills to differentiate myself from my peers as well as jump start my entry into the communications industry at a much earlier stage, rather than attempting to hone them in my final year of university." 

Tonny Ngo
2nd Year Information Technology Student
University of Technology Sydney

"My life would have been easier if I met you guys in high school when I was applying for scholarships! You've really helped me with my resume and cover letter skills for the applications to come this winter"