STEM Leaders Program

The STEM Leaders Program is a week long, intensive course packaged with professional development workshops, soft skills workshops and work based projects kindly provided by real industry professionals.  We aim to validate and empower our students to believe in and tap into their potential by offering them the opportunity to contribute to actual projects. Our ongoing collaborations with our industry partners ensure that all our projects are extremely relevant to the STEM fields we cater to and are reputably sourced. 



The program is a one week program with  five full contact days. 
The program consists of professional development classes such as LinkedIn, Resumes, Cover Letter and Interview Skills whilst the last day is dedicated to presenting solutions to respective industry projects. Students are divided into teams and specifically work on open-ended projects to properly reflect professional, non-academic practices. Over the course of the week, students work on their projects and have access to online resources including a forum for them to share ideas and communicate with their project creators. We highlight the need to maintain strong mediums of communication with our students for guidance and development. 

The program is also complemented with networking opportunities and icebreaker exercises to ensure our cohort fosters comradery, long-lasting friendships and self-confidence. We truly believe the essence of learning can only reach its peak with a positive, friendly and safe environment. 



Our STEM Leaders Program is specifically designed for tertiary students studying in STEM fields and requires a predetermined level of knowledge expected from tertiary studies. We offer transitional skill development to prepare for the workplace by linking academic and professional fields within a safe, growth oriented environment. 

Our team is adapting workplace simulation projects for secondary students as we certainly believe high school is never too early to scope out potential career options. It is something we sorely missed out on and hope to bring to the table for our upcoming youth very soon!

Cost: FREE


Getting a job or internship can be extremely hard. Whilst not everyone can get a job at any one time, neither should you be stuck as an empty handed university student simply waiting for professional opportunities. We try to mimic projects to be as close to everyday workplace assignments, so you can gauge whether you can fit into a workplace environment and also gain a valuable addition to your resume!

We encourage students of relevant fields of study to apply when applications are open! 

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