AT RSE, WE want everyone to start off on the same foot

The concept of paying it forward is essential to Real Skills Education. Through our experiences and learning, we want to help others gain the same insight and development we have gained. 

 In essence, we use practical and simulation-based learning techniques to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate life. From professional development to taking care of your own finances, our programs will help you expand on your soft skills in a risk-free environment.

The Team

Ajay Prakash
Director and Co-Founder

With a passion for education, our lead visionary Ajay, makes things work at RSE. Seeking to herald in a new era where graduates are more employable than ever, Ajay is constantly searching for ways to improve education. Having spent over three years in the tutoring game, he understands the concerns of students, and has perfected the formula for a good CV as a freelance resume writer. Ajay is responsible for designing RSE’s workshops and collaborates with university societies to deliver tailored programs to students according to their industry. Alongside RSE, Ajay is also heading a project called WireTutor, an online educational platform that aims to facilitate collaborative learning to supplement lecture-style teaching at university. Ajay is currently completing a degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and is a Research Assistant at the University of New South Wales.

Walter Kong
Director and Co-Founder

As RSE’s resident environmentalist and head of Marketing Strategy, Walter knows firsthand the difficulty of making people care. Thankfully, he’s risen to the challenge and works tirelessly to put the RSE name out there. He also aims to implement an Environmental Awareness course in the near future to bring his two passions together, sustainable living and education. Alongside Ajay, Walter develops RSE’s workshops and works out ways to tailor them to each student. Walter is an experienced educator, having tutored for three years, and has worked as an engineering intern with Penrith City Council and as a Green Army participant. He is currently completing a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

Our Story

From gaming buddies, to working side-by-side for startups like UNSWOT, co-founders Ajay Prakash and Walter Kong took their shared interest in improving education and sought to make it a reality. A brainstorming session later, and the idea for a skills development company was born.

Prior to meeting each other, Ajay and Walter had both stumbled across a hurdle we’re all too familiar with - the dreaded task of landing a job. They both found that the current education system, with its heavy reliance on academia-based learning, fell short when it comes to equipping students with the skills needed to become self-sustaining adults.

With no idea how to write a cover letter, much less how to put together a resume, Walter and Ajay went to great lengths to secure internships, attending workshops and using trial-and-error till they found techniques that worked for them. Though they both found the experience difficult, it is ultimately what led to the inception of Real Skills Education.

Rejecting the lecture style of teaching that our competitors offer in favour of interactive sessions, featuring simulations and individualised feedback, we created the optimal learning environment. Using the standards outlined by the Career Development department as the framework for our program, we launched a series of trial workshops to help refine our product.

Students who took part in the beta testing found that, unlike other professional development courses, our individualised approach ensures each and every participant is catered to, and can confidently say they know how to land a job by the time the session is over. We in turn discovered that students also preferred to have take-home material, which led to the creation of our summary booklets.

At Real Skills Education, we aim to provide excellent service and individual attention at a fraction of the cost of other programs, whilst continuously updating our content to reflect modern changes in the job market.

We want to make sure that one day no student will graduate thinking “Why didn’t I learn this in school?”